WatchChat for WhatsApp App Reviews

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A bit improved

Please keep the updates coming. It is slowly improving. But it’s still not good enough for me to count on this app to receive and reply to messages because they still don’t go through at times unless I am just replying.

It works!

Here are things you can and cannot do with this app on your watch: you will get all notification perfectly, you can open all the conversations you have, open a voice message, type a message (only in English unfortunately), record a voice message to become a typed message (also in English only), replay with any emoji you want, open and zoom a picture, send a quick reply (you can set your own), send a scribble. You cannot: make a voice call (but you will get a notification after someone call you), type or record a message other than English (very sadly). For me, this app deserves a 5 star for having these amazing features, but i still really wish if i can make a voice call or at least type or record a message in my language (Arabic). I hope Arabic language will be add soon by the developer. I hope you guys find this review helpful!

No funciona bien!!!!!

Compre esta app y no funciona bien. Quise devolverla y la AppStore se negó a devolverme el dinero. No compren esta app no funciona nada bien.

I regretted buying it.

works only two days, but then nothing works. I regretted buying it.

Very nice app!!!!

I don’t have any problems with the app , it’s working great for me !!

It’s worth it!

There have been major updates and the app gets better and better. People may have given a poor review because it crashed over the weekend, but Alex released updates and it worked just fine. Very convenient app. I recommend it.

Doesn’t work!

I downloaded it three days ago and still doesn’t work on my watch! I do want my money back!!!

Apple Watch 3

Yeaaah I like app thanks

Doesn’t send the code!!!

Useless!!!! I bought it last night and it doesn’t send the code on my watch!!!!

Best Watch App for WhatsApp

It’s not perfect but I’ve tried all of the watch apps for WhatsApp and this is the best out there and it gets better every day. The developer is quick to respond to issues and releases updates regularly. Easy and quick to send and receive messages and photos, soon it’ll have the ability to send voice messages, I can’t wait!

Needs lte capabilities

Watch only works when I have my phone on me... once it gets that I’ll have no complaints..

Agregar la hora en los chat

Favor adicional el tiempo en los mensajes que cada persona envia. Ejemplo: Enviado: Nelchy Mensaje: Hola Marleny Hora: 9:10 p.m. Enviado: Marleny Mensaje: Hola Nelchy Hora: 9:11 p.m.

No sale. Audios no actualizó bien es malo para reloj

No me gusto

No funciona

Baje el app y no te permite abrir los mensajes para contestar. Solo te envía el notification pero no actualiza en horas o hasta días !! No la recomiendo.

Have to keep scanning qr code

I have to keep scanning the QR code. This is really bothersome.

Missing app notificacion

good the app but the most important thing is to receive the notifications for you to know who is the one who writes please fix that because if I do not ask for my money because the app is incomplete thanks..

Best solution for whatsapp on Apple Watch

Powerful easy to navigate application . Hope the author include arabic keyboards asap

Very satisfied!!!

I purchased three WhatsApp apps for the Watch and definitely, with no doubt this one is the best. Works smoothly and fast, designed perfect easy to use and the keyboard idea is great, works perfect. Thank you !


it would get my 5 stars if this app refreshes.. when i have my phone in the car and i have the watch with me and i hit the app it never refreshes, obly does it once i get back to the car where my phone is..

Awesome App

Very nice apps . You can use it to respond to all of your WhatsApp messages . You can view pictures, listening to the voice message . Tape your message easily with the very nice new keyboard. I love it and I recommend it to all of the Apple Watch users. Thanks much !!!

If it had its own notifications...

It would actually be good if it had notifications. I get the WhatsApp notification, which I can reply through instead of something from this app. So I have to leave the notification and find the app to respond? Not user friendly

Not worth it.. and not needed.

I purchased this app last night thinking that it would improve the way I communicate on WhatsApp through my watch. But it doesn’t even send WhatsApp notifications to your watch. You have to open the app on your watch, refresh it, wait a few seconds, and then you can see the conversation. I guess that’s the only purpose of this app - to see the full conversation of a chat - and I’m not sure why you would need to do that. It’s much easier to just use the WhatsApp notifications that you already get on your watch from WhatsApp and respond that way. This app doesn’t allow you to do that because there are no notifications. Therefore, this app is pretty much useless and certainly not needed.


Don’t worry about the negative feedback! This APP, is AWESOME!! You should try and buy it right away! Simple amazing every update!


I never get notifications, messages dont load, sometimes i cant even write back. It just doesn’t work on the watch.

Fails every time it try’s to connect

The code fails every time it reads it. Waste of money. Don’t buy this App you will end up wasting your money.

Not worth it.

I don’t think this app is worth paying for yet. Messages don’t keep up. I get a lot of messages and the app never refreshes, I have to do it manually and even then it doesn’t show me my new messages. It’s also too slow... needs a lot of improvement to be worth paying for...

4 stars

Works but shoulb be free, i dont get notifications on my watch if i dont open the app i wont see that some one text me

Totally worth the purchase!!

I came back in just to leave a comment, thank you for making this app. It performs perfectly 👌🏼


It’s a great, i love the improvement on every update. Keep up the good work... love the app and will recommend it to everyone... we only need 2 thing now(send new message & notifications.)👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Didn’t Work

I can not scan the QR code that’s given. I want a refund!!

I’m sure it’s great

I can’t sign in when I scan the code, it went through on my phone but it didn’t go through on my watch. It keeps bringing up a new QR code.

Awesome app

At last whats app on iwatch!!! And it works amazing! The developer has been updating and adding more features!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Wish it worked for me...

Tried over and over. No luck. I can scan the QR code, but it never moves past that. Any suggestions?

Hmm ....

Well followed directions to a T and still won’t sync .

Scam.... Waste of money

This app does not work. Don't waste your money with it!

Que pena

Que pena que no me funciones quiero mi dinero para atrás

Love this App

Thank you for taking the time to develop this awesome App! As soon as the media becomes available for the Apple Watch it will be even more amazing! Thanks!!! I recommend this App of you’re constantly in WhatsApp like me!

Not working...

This app not working at all. Please fix this.

Great app

Been watching you drop a lot of updates for this app. It works very well for me now! Kudos!!

I wasted my money

I never receive a notification when I get messages. It doesn’t refresh when I enter in the app in my watch. I wasted my money

Unable to connet

It does not work. Watch shows connecting....but nothing happens. I gave up. Wish I could get my money back.

Nice job👍🏼

Nice job keep those updates coming😃

Mal funcionamiento

No me funciona para nada!!! Quiero iniciar una conversacion y no envia el mensaje ni los recibo... me siento que me han robado el dinero

Not working at all

This app not working at all. I just texting with my family and never get any pop up massage from this app. The first time work until I was using my Apple Watch. But only can reply YES OR NO I paid $2 to reply YES OR NO??? I need my money back. I just trying to send you a email but is doesn’t work too. App Store have to control this issue or they have to refund the money.

Not showing up in my Apple Watch

I purchased the app, so excited that a developer finally worked on what’s app and the Apple Watch and boom, it’s not even visible on my watch.

Like it but no image (picture) can see

Hi I like this app but I can’t see any pictures what I got on WhatsApp. Only text can see. If developer can update it then no problem otherwise, I delete this and download other apps

Great App

It’s a great App, but additional to what we already have in it I would like to be able to hear audio view images and videos sent just like in the regular iPhone App. Other then that great work!

I hope it’ll get better

Yes man it will be great to work in the app, it loads the conversations too slow, and I cannot see any multimedia.

Didn’t work at all

Stuck on trying to get a qr code for 30 minutes. Never even got a code to scan. Hopefully they will fix or refund my money. I thought Apple check the apps before they release on market?

Won’t scan

Won’t scan

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